What Used to be Home

A few more pictures from my weekend:


Other than the delicious feeling of sun against my skin, one of the best parts of this trip was seeing the students experience the desert for the first time. Several of my students had never been on an airplane before and many had never been farther west than Nebraska, so this trip was a great opportunity for them.

I was curious how they would like it, given that sometimes people from states like Iowa equate “outside” with green and grass and leafy trees and can fail to see the beauty in the cactus and rock of my home state. My students were happily not like that and really enjoyed their time hiking.

I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever live in Arizona again but I know I will go back often, both to see the ones we love and to have time to soak in the rocks and palm trees and desert vegetation that I love.


One thought on “What Used to be Home

  1. rie says:

    i get that. i may not ever live here again once we leave, but it will always be a place to recharge. there is NOTHING like an arizona february sun on your skin. (unless it’s a utah canyonlands march sun — those are killer good too.)

    sorry i missed you, sweetie. zam and i can’t wait til we can see you 3 again!

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