Week in review

Number of people in the Monkey household who threw up: 3 (out of 3)

Number of hallucinogenic fever dreams I had: at least 4, including the one where I woke up and told Mr. Monkey that he had to call the exterminater because there was a raccoon in the closest. Please note that I can’t actually see in to the closet, but I assured him that I could see through the wall and I knew there was a raccoon there.

Number of episodes of the Daily Show I watched yesterday: 5. Guess which non-cable having person just started using Hulu? Awesome.

Biggest disappointment of the week: Mr.Monkey and I had a dinner date with another coupleĀ planned for tonight. We had the babysitter lined up (which is so rare for us) and were going to go to a restaurant that is supposed to be amazing. I had to cancel because my stomach is still really iffy. I’m bummed because we rarely, almost never, have plans like this and I wish we did more often. Hopefully we can reschedule.

Best part of this week (and every week): I get to live with these guys:


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