Does watching the Olympics count as training?


Crap, because I haven’t done anything in like two weeks (I have some excuses, like a nasty bout of stomach flu, but not enough to cover two weeks worth of lazy).

I have, however, been watching a lot of very fit people do very athletic things. So there’s that.

A few Olympic observations:

1. Apollo Ohno annoys me. His twitter stream is painful to read (or should I say: Painful!!! 2 read!!!!!) and I think he was a poor sport about his DQ (he and the male Russian skater. You are full time athletes. Sometimes things don’t go your way and they should. Sometimes they do go your way when they shouldn’t. Try to be gracious either way. Or at least not actively douchy about it). Also, a soul patch? Really?

2. Watching the men’s 50K cross-country skiing made me want to learn to cross-country ski, even as my lungs and thighs burn just watching. Perhaps if I knew how to ski or snowshoe I wouldn’t be so freaking bitter about this interminable winter.

3. The noise about the “inappropriate” celebration by the Canadian women’s hockey team was just ridiculous (hockey players drinking and smoking? I’m stunned! Except: not really) and sexist. I don’t think there would have been a story at all if it had male hockey players spotted with beer and cigars.

4. The next Olympic sport: Indian leg wrestling between speedskaters and bobsledders. How awesome would that be?

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