The big ones

The weather is finally starting to break around here, which is so beyond excellent, and a young(ish) Athletic Monkey’s thoughts are starting to turn toward the summer race season.

I haven’t done anything training wise in over two weeks (sad, sad, sad) but the re-emergence of the sun combined with the thought of some races that sound really fun has me starting to feel motivated again.

In terms of summer races, there are lots of sprint tris and road races available but the two big ones that I’d like to do are:

1. Hy-Vee Triathlon:  This is a no brainer. The 2009 race was the “Race of the Year” according to Triathlete magazine and it is close to home, so fairly cost-effective. If you didn’t see this race last year, you missed one of the best finishes I’ve seen:

2. The Point to LaPointe swim: A 2 mile open water swim in Lake Superior. I really want to do this, but this will obviously be the biggest financial committment of a race to sign up for as it would require travel plus either the purchase or rent of a wetsuit. But I think I’d love it and maybe we could make a family trip out of it.

My goal is to start training for both of these races by getting in at least 2 swims next week and a bike ride (road conditions permitting, of course).

How about you? Doing any big/fun races this spring or summer?

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