Tri training: Day 1

After several weeks of increasing sedentaryness (is that a word? Is now), I finally got moving today. 

About a month ago I found a tri training plan that looked like a reasonable way to get ready for an Olympic distance tri this summer. I printed it out and then ignored it for weeks and weeks, choosing instead to get most of my exercise by bitching about the weather and doing dead lifts of a certain 28 pound toddler.

I pulled the plan out today and did the math and realized I am now 3 weeks behind on my 16 week training program. Brilliant.

So, I started on week 3 today with a 30 minute swim. Swimming is by FAR my strong suit when it comes to training but I’ve only been swimming once since October, so it was somewhat rough going out there. I ended up doing about 1000 short course meters, which is pathetic (for me) but a start.

According to the plan I am also supposed to run tonight, but it is pretty doubtful that I’m gonna do that. Mr. Monkey is teaching until 9pm and I don’t think our jogging stroller will be able to handle the current swamp like conditions of our dirt road (yay for snow melt. boo for mud).

I’m slow but I’m moving again.


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