Bike 40:00

Does it ever get easier?

Easier to choose the healthier thing? Easier to get moving?  Easier to look forward to a training session?

I used to, back in my swimming glory days, actively look forward to swim practice. It was, well and truly, the highlight of my day.

But now I look at my tri training program, at the 40 minutes of cycling scheduled, and I feel exhausted. And defeated by myself, by my lack of desire to just get off my ass and get moving.

I’ve done 5 races in the last year and I have felt under trained  for ALL of them. I have the chance to start now and maybe not feel that way for the summer race season and I can’t get myself going.

One thought on “Bike 40:00

  1. James says:

    As much as it sucks, you can bank your endurance and draw from it over the summer. Remember to train endurance, strength, speed in that order and you will have success. Trying to do them out of order results in chaos or injury.

    Figure out what event will be your longest in terms of time and start doing long rides, runs, hikes, swims or combos of exercises and do at least one session a week that is that long. When I was racing bikes we would spend 6-8 hours in the saddle every Sunday morning in January and February. It sucked, but when racing season rolled around and I could put the hurt on people for 5-6 hours in a race it was all worth it.

    Just figure out one day a week that you can carve out two hours for continuous training and you can get away with less training over the summer. Summertime is for getting fast, fine tuning and for maintenance work.

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