The sun! The sun!

After a very, very, very long winter, the sun is finally starting to shine here in the formerly frozen tundra of Iowa. The snow is melting and, from my lofty 3rd floor office window, I swear to God I can see grass. Amazing.

When Mr.Monkey and I decided to move to Iowa, I knew I was in for rougher winters than you get in Arizona (uh, duh) but man, this winter was terrible. I am so glad to be at the tail end of it.


It is spring break week at the college where Mr. Monkey and I both work, which is one of the best weeks to be on a college campus. Obviously I like the students and all, but it is so nice to have ample parking and a sense of quiet peacefulness on campus.

It is also nice to go to the gym at lunch time and not have to fit for a machine. I met up with a friend and spent some time with a treadmill and an exercise bike today. The snow is finally melted enough that I should be able to take the bike out for a ride sometime this week, as soon as I get my tires inflated again.

In another 10 degrees it will be warm enough to put a bike seat on the mountain bike and take the baby monkey for a spin. I think he’ll love it.


Finally, I am working on a spring/summer racing schedule, which I shall post soon in order to shame myself in to getting back on track.

A few goals for this week:

swim at least 1X

kettlebells 1X

run 2X

Pilates video 1X

bike 1X


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