Spring/Summer/Fall Race Schedule

After the…um…lengthy lull in my training wrought by the combination of Worst Winter Ever+ I’m So Lazy, I am giving myself March and April to get some training under my belt. So, next race will be in May. Here is the plan:

May: 5K on May 5th, in Pella Iowa to kick of the annual tulip festival. Totally looking forward to it: love that it is a night race, love that it is in a cute town, love the idea of forcing my husband to visit the Dutchest place in Iowa. Hoping to break 40 minutes.

June: Copper Creek Tri in Pleasant Hill Iowa. Sprint distance and claims to have “moderate” hills on the bike course. I sure hope so. I’ve discovered a real fear of the words “challenging”, “technical” and “rolling” when it comes to bike leg descriptions.

July: Cornman Tri in Gladbrook, IA. Also a sprint distance but with those bastard “challenging” hills that I hate. Can’t be worse that the one I did in September though, right? Right?

August: Point to Lapointe 2 mile open water swim. The longest drive as it is in Wisconsin but I think we’ll make a family vacation out of it.

September: Peregrine Charities Tri in Waterloo, Ia. Olympic distance, which totally scares me at this point but I have time on my side (if I start training now!)

October: Des Moines Marathon 5K or half marathon. We’ll see.


One thought on “Spring/Summer/Fall Race Schedule

  1. rie says:

    you go girl. and i will applaud from far away. and also… commit to riding in the tour de tucson for my 2nd time ever (1st time? i was young enough it didn’t matter if i trained or not — you remember those days? naw, me neither).

    zam commits, too (i say boldly for him). we’re aiming to do the whole enchilada — but we’ll be very pleased with the 80 mile ride. so we’ll see.

    lotsa’ tucson love to you all!

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