After I posted the previous post, I felt better. Not over it, of course, but better.

You know what else makes me feel better? Petty, tiny, immature revenge.

I got home tonight and took the baby monkey outside to play (never have you seen a child so freaking grateful to play outside. 6 months of indoor confinement will do that). While he was playing with his soccer ball, I started trying to figure out how to do something, anything to improve the sorry state of our driveway. Our driveway looks terrible: major ruts, lots of mud, etc.

And then it occurred to me…our driveway needed gravel. And I just happened to know just where to find some.

Internets, I confess: I took my snow shovel out to the road and stole the gravel that the county laid this afternoon. The gravel that was so important that my they towed my car for it is now resting (in part) in my driveway.

Ha! Sticking it to the man and all that.

I should add that I am only taking gravel from in front of my driveway, so no one else is at risk of losing traction. I also ran the idea (after the fact) past Mr. Monkey, who is generally more ethical than I am and he not only liked the idea but said he’d finish the job when he gets home.

Now, while I was stealing the gravel, I was also watching the baby monkey, so there was a good bit of swearing under my breath at the whole process while also trying to entertain him:

“Hey, you’ve got your ball!”

under my breath (damn county f*cktards tow my car…)

“Mama sees you! Yes I do!”

(stupid gravel man says my car is in the way. I’ll take his precious gravel)

“Who is my big boy? You are! Yes you are!”

(I’ll show them. THEY WILL RUE THE DAY)

I’ll post pictures tomorrow of just how well I did at stealing gravel while also watching a small child (hint: not so well).


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