We are maybe a little country

So, let me give you a photographic rundown of my afternoon/evening after the car debacle.

Please note that I have, on most days, two hours from picking up the kiddo to get him ready for bed. I’m doing it solo right now with Mr. Monkey out of town. I have two hours to feed him dinner (he typically eats like he has a tapeworm), play with him and get him in pajamas. We do baths most nights, but not all.

4:30pm: I pick up this cutie from daycare where they apparently made a very cute craft yesterday

Why yes, yes I will

5:00pm Feed the boy a healthy, lovingly prepared homemade meal

Sure, it looks like fast food from Dairy Queen. But it isn't. It is totally vegetables

5:30pm Let’s go outside and play, shall we? I’m not planning on giving him a bath so we have extra fun times


Hello kitty cat

Around this time is when I decide to start stealing gravel. The boy roams the yard, mostly in sight of me. Mostly.


5:45pm: Notice that while I was busy…um…redistributing the gravel wealth, the boy was also busy. Busy taking off his boots and filling them with mud. Like completely to the top with mud. So, looks like bath night might be back on.

Filled. With. Mud

6:00pm: Decide that there is no way that the boy is going into the house with these clothes on

Laundry. I'm gonna have to do some laundry

6:15pm Things start getting real classy around here

Half-naked, dirty, tattoed baby on the porch.

Not in a real hurry to get inside

6:30pm Finally get the kicking, squirmy mud covered rascal into the house. One guess where he is headed…

Rub a dub dub


7:15pm: Put the newly cleaned boy in bed

7:17pm: Deal with the fact that my kitchen table looks like this:

The terrible result of a trip to Costco plus having an equal number of children and parents. Man on man defense fails.

The excitement: it never ends.

P.S. Please hurry home Mr. Monkey. Your muddy child and dirty kitchen miss you.

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