Time will pass

Last week I read this entry by one of my favorite bloggers and I find that I can’t stop thinking about it. Specifically, I keep coming back to the idea that time passes anyways, whether you do the scary/hard/feels impossible thing you are thinking about doing or not.

There are two things in my life that I really, really want to have happen but that are both big and time-consuming and very long-term. The first is to finally, finally get to a place where fitness is a habit and where I am comfortable in my skin and have done the training to be competitive at the athletic events that I want to pursue. Realistically, there is weight to be lost and a lot of running/biking/swimming to be done. I think, with work, I could be in pretty good racing form in a year. But a year feels long and I want to be fast and fit and strong right now. The fact that I can’t be where I want to be sort of immediately sometimes bogs me down and I find myself doing nothing instead. The thought of doing things perfectly for a year exhausts me, even though I know I don’t have to do perfect. I just have to do better.

But now I’m thinking: a year is going to pass no matter what. I get to decide if after it passes I am still in the wishful place of wanting to be fit or if I am actually there.

The second thing I want is…well…not to be annoying but it is still a secret for the moment, something that feels too personal to share right now. But it is big and time-consuming and there is a high potential for it to not work out. But there is a 100% chance for failure if I don’t start.

So, I’m gonna start. With thing one and thing two and I am going to not let perfect be the enemy of good, because time will pass, even if I’m not perfect.


In a related note: I went swimming today, which is the third day in a row this week that I went to the gym. I have not done three workouts in a row since, um, October, maybe? So yay me.


3 thoughts on “Time will pass

  1. Amy says:

    I hear a lot these days about age and higher education. I know many people around the age of 40 who are contemplating a return to the U. When asked, I always say, in 5 years you will be x + 5 years old. You can be x + 5 and be in the same place that you are today, or you can be x + 5 with a Masters or Dr. x + 5. Once you have it, it doesn’t matter when you actually GOT it. My 40th is still a few years away, but I am already starting to think about how and where I would like to be when it happens. Its going to happen anyway!

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