Ranty rant rant

In 2006 the mister and I bought a house. A cute house on a great street in Tucson, Arizona

 (foreshadowing alert: bad things are about to happen to the real estate market in Tucson, Arizona but 2006 doesn’t know it yet)

We bought the house, we moved in, we loved the house, we moved to Iowa and had to put the house up for rent.

(yeah, we’d love to sell it but just not possible)

We signed with a property management company that has been, and continues to be, a sucking suckhole of non-communication and stupidity. We said we didn’t want renter’s with dogs (put in the legally binding contract and everything) and who do they rent to? People with dogs. We ask to be notified if things need repair in the house. They? They just send us rent checks missing several hundred dollars with cryptic notes like “electrical” on it.  We’ve gone through several property managers and I thought things were getting better…until today.

I just got a voicemail with a cherry message “Good news! We have tenants who want to rent your house! They are moving in soon. They do have dogs, so I did want to warn you about that. Call me if you have any questions!”

My questions? Oh, just a couple…

Um, I thought we had tenants?

Where did those tenants go?

How long has the house been empty (we got a rent check earlier this month, so not long, I guess?)?

Why didn’t anyone think to call and tell us that our tenants moved out? Did you not think we might want some notice that we wouldn’t be getting the rent payment next month?

Gah. So annoyed. If I didn’t love my credit rating so much I would be seriously glad to walk away right now, which makes me sad because I loved that house and buying that house made me so proud and now all that does is make my eyelid twitch when I start thinking about it.


One thought on “Ranty rant rant

  1. AndreAnna says:

    I know I’m about a week late on this, but I know the feeling all too well. I am seriously bummed about the credit thing, but I am just walking away. I’m going to be the you had you walked away. It will rebuild, but pouring any more of my soul into this house will break me. I need to walk away.

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