A few of my favorite things

Today is payday, which is one of my favorite days of the month. Mr. Monkey and I work at the same place, a place that pays once a month, so the last working day of the month is always a windfall day. I pay all of our bills for the month (which gives me a feeling of peace that you wouldn’t believe. The wolf has been kept from the door for another month.) and then I go through all of our receipts for the previous month and figure out where we spent every penny. I break things down into categories (groceries, eating out, clothing, fitness, etc) and see how we compare to our budgeted amounts. We are almost always over a few categories, usually under on a few too  (except the eating out. We are never under budget on that.).

I love, love, love doing the monthly spending report. Seriously. Makes me feel in control of my world.


Last night I took Mr. Monkey out for dinner for his birthday. We walked from work to our daycare provider and then dropped the boy off with his buddy A, who is our underused college student babysitter. She loves Bobo and he loves her. After she took him to go play on the tennis courts, we walked over to the town square and ate dinner at a cozy Chinese restaurant. We didn’t talk about work or the boy. It was perfect.

And, how awesome is it that we WALKED all these places? Love that spring is finally here.


I sent out an application for a rental house today. We might move, like soon. To a place with pavement. And walking distance to a coffee shop and bagel place and grocery store. The actual act of moving= ugh. The thought of living in the city again=YAY!.

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