3 Good Things

1. It is warm outside. Like warm warm. Spring warm. 85 degrees according to the gauge in my car. Finally.

2. I had a kick-ass lunch time swim. 1800 meters (which is, sadly, my longest swim in a long time) and the time just flew by. I’d been struggling with boredom while swimming but today I went with a specific long set in mind with intervals and all that good stuff and it helped so much.

3. I went to Target and only bought stuff that I actually needed. No deviation from the list and a check out total of less than $40. This is an accomplishment, people.

3 thoughts on “3 Good Things

  1. Gayle says:

    Totally jealous of your spring day…we are having the gray day today…it snowed, out of the blue just up and snowed.
    I have to also say, leaving Target for less than $40 should go into the World Record book…I have never seen it done! Very impressed.

  2. Wendy says:


    I went to the bad Target, so that might have helped. The closest Target to us is a good 30 minute drive, so I don’t get there very often, which makes the less than $40 even more impressive.

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