Well, close enough

So, I did spend some time on a bike this afternoon.

Just not my bike.

Due to a bit of malfunction while my husband was trying to fill up my tires (which, so nice of him. Really. I hate doing that and he is nice enough to come to my office to do it for me. He is the best) I now have a broken tire valve, so no go on the road bike.

I went to the gym instead and spent some quality time on the exercise bike and then switched to a treadmill. My plan was to do 20 minutes on the treadmill but then the belt started malfunctioning and there weren’t any others available so I did 13 minutes and called it a day.

My luck with equipment is not so good today.

I have a mountain bike in my husbands office, I suppose I could have taken that out. But, it probably needs air in the tires too and that is clearly not working out for me today.

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