Ways in which I am dumb

1. I was trying to figure out what 1/22 of $11,500 is and all I could do is stare at the paper and mouth breathe. I honest to goodness have no recollection of how to do figure that out. There is a math tutor sitting outside my office door but I’m embarrassed to go ask her .

(Though I am clearly not to embarrassed to share this with the internet)

2. The clock in my office is broken. It hasn’t been working in weeks. I still keep looking at it and being startled that it is 4 hours earlier than I thought it was.

(Why I haven’t just taken it down yet, I don’t know)

(Why do I look at it in the first place when I have a clock on my computer and I am attached to my computer all day? I do not know)

3. I picked up the baby monkey the other day and swung him around in circles. Doesn’t sound so dumb at first, but two things to consider:

           A) Once you do something fun with a toddler you’d better be prepared to do it on command all the time forever

           B) Turns out you get dizzy A LOT faster at 31 than at…say…younger than 31

           C) Oh don’t mind me, I just need to lie down for a while until the world stops spinning

4. I read an article about one of my favorite singers in which she talks about the challenges  of being both a Christian and a lesbian. Reading the article wasn’t a bad idea but I made the mistake of reading some of the comments and I got dumber as a result (from comments on both sides of the political spectrum. People are mean and petty and it is all the more embarrassing when they are a part of your tribe, you  know?).

5. I misspelled “dumb” when I started to write the entry.

2 thoughts on “Ways in which I am dumb

  1. Wendy says:

    Ha! I didn’t even really try to solve it. Honestly, it was like trying to read in a foreign language. Totally frustrating to know that I used to know how to do that.

    I’m really good at figuring out percents (being a waitress in college will do that) but didn’t even know where to start with fractions.

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