Just let me give you the money already

Is there any thing more frustrating than having to beg somebody to take your money?

Mr. Monkey and I are looking to move to the big city* and in order to do that we need to find a house to rent. I have been looking through rental listings for a couple of months now, trying to get a sense of prices and neighborhoods. We are now poised and ready to start giving some lucky landlord a good chunk of our hard-earned money every month.

Now, if I can just get a landlord to act like they give a crap about filling their vacancies.

Example #1: We put in an application for an empty house over 2 weeks ago. Didn’t hear anything from the landlord so Mr. Monkey called him last weekend and the guy finally returned his call to say that he just hadn’t had a chance to look at the application yet (which, what? Why would you not look at an app right away. The house is empty. You make no money on an empty house) but that we’d hear from him by Wednesday or Thursday.

Today is Friday. We’ve heard nada from him.

Example #2: A phone call with a landlord:

Her: You called about the house at X and Y?

Me: Yes, I was wondering if we could schedule a time on Sunday to see it.

Her: Okay, we’ll first I need to know somethings about you.

Me: *silently waiting for her to tell me what she wants to know*

Her: Who would be living there?

Me: Me, my husband and our son.

Her: Anyone else?

Me: Nope. Just the three of us.

Her: Are you sure you really need 3 bedrooms then? (note: the house in question is a 3 bedroom, about 1200 square feet. I don’t think we’ll lose the baby in all that grandeur)

Me: Yes, we’d like space for an office.

Her: Where do you live now?

Me: blah blah small town 20 miles south blah blah

Her: Will you still work there when you move (she called my work number so she knows where I work)?

Me: Yes

Her: Well, that will be a lot of gas. Are you sure you can afford that much gas?

What the heck lady? We have our house in Arizona rented so I get wanting to make sure you don’t have deadbeats in, but jeez, I’ll worry about the gas money, you just let us see the house that you have had advertised on Craigslist for over a month and a half.

Example #3 The five other landlords who haven’t returned my calls or emails at all.

The thing that gets me is that Mr. Monkey and I are dream renters. Really. We’re quiet, we’re neat, we don’t have pets, we have really good credit, we have decent jobs, we’re fiscally conservative so we know FOR SURE we can afford any house before we call on it. 

Gah. I hate moving.

* For Iowa, that is. It is just a normal to small city for the rest of the world.


6 thoughts on “Just let me give you the money already

  1. Gretchen says:

    I think it’s cute that you call it the “big city.” 🙂 Good luck, I’m sure you’ll find something soon.

  2. Wendy says:

    Heck, I’ve been living in a town of 75 people for a year and a half. Anything on pavement is going to feel big in comparison.

    Our city before the move to Iowa was about 500,000 so I think I’ll survive in the “big city” here 🙂

  3. Gretchen says:

    If you are looking for something to do Saturday, head to Ames for Veishea. We’ve had some bad press in some years past, but campus is looking very pretty and it really is a pretty cool deal.

  4. Gretchen says:

    I swear I’m not stalking you, and don’t let the meningitis case and the finding of the dead body on campus scare you away, ‘k?

  5. Wendy says:

    Who could be scared of a little meningitis and a dead body? I’ve heard the Veishea thing is cool but it looks like we’ll be out looking at houses. Finally got a call from the landlord of the house we put an app in for and…denied. Grr.

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