On the move

So, how’s this for a moving timeline?

See the house for the first time on Sunday

Get approved to rent on Monday

Get keys on Wednesday

Yep, we got this keys for this pretty house today:

The porch makes me happy


We will probably start moving things in this weekend but won’t do the big move until next week as A) we have not packed the current house yet and B) it is almost finals time and Mr. Monkey has a metric buttload (that is an offical unit of measurement in higher education circles.) of grading to do.

The house is actually a duplex and we’ll be living on the second and third floors which means all of our furniture has to go up these stairs:

New life goal: keep the baby off these stairs


We are going to be hiring some burly football players to help with the move because: yikes.

The house is good sized and we also share a basement so I think we’ll be fine in terms of all fitting in there, as long as we don’t all try to stand in the kitchen at one time:

It is small but actually really cute. Love the tile.

I’ll post pictures again once we are all moved in and unpacked, which I am hoping will be during the month of May. Some rooms (kitchen, baby room, living room) will be easy and don’t require the purchase of any new furniture. Our office and bedroom may take a little longer to get done as we need bookshelves and a desk and a few more key things.

I think I will be happy here.


6 thoughts on “On the move

  1. Elli Davis says:

    Wow, that was fast. Usually it is better to plan moving, so nothing too surprising happens, but this might work too – not much time to be too sentimental, for instance. I have to say that the house looks really nice, maybe just the backyard will need some care.

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