The Emotional Stages of Moving

Stage #1: Delight

You found a house/apartment/yurt/whatever and it is so cute/big/cheap/whatever. Yay for the universe that has brought you to this house.

Stage #2: Fervent Hope

Will you get the place? Will they pick your application (or will you get that mortgage approval). Please universe let this work out!

Stage #3: Reality Sets In

Yes, the place is yours! Woo hoo! But, wait. All of your stuff is in another place. A place that is not this new place. A place that is some distance away. How will you get your stuff there? You don’t want to live without your stuff.

Oh yeah. Moving. There is always a catch

Stage #4: Dismay

So many boxes. So much stuff. So much lifting. So much dust and, gasp!, mouse droppings under recently moved furniture.

Also, your back? Not what it used to be.

Stage #5: Anger

F**king boxes. Damn stairs. Whose dumb idea was this?

Stage #6: Grave concern

Where is all of this stuff going to go? Why does new place look so small all the sudden? Where am I going to put all my shoes?

Stage #7: Wistfulness

Aw, old place wasn’t so bad. Lots of sentimental things happened there (like your kid learning to crawl, walk and talk there, hypothetically). Sure the mice were a problem and you were in a town with no bookstores, but still. I love you old place. *Sniff*

Stage #8: Where is my toothbrush?

Your new place is not like your old place. You’ve unpacked but now you can’t find anything. Also, does anyone know what your address is? You don’t

Stage #9: The Joy of Discovery

Hey, look! A cool store! A bagel shop and a coffee shop in walking distance. A kick ass park 5 minutes away. This is great!

Stage #10: This is Home

Settled, comfortable, making new memories.


I’m a little of stage 4 and a little of stage 7, in case you were wondering.

2 thoughts on “The Emotional Stages of Moving

  1. Gretchen says:

    I think it’s a lot like leaving a job that’s been driving you crazy for years. It always looks better when you’re on your way out!

  2. JenN says:

    Super cute house. I would add Stage #11: Trying to figure out where everything should go in this new space. (this continues to this day in our house, which we bought in Dec. 08)

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