What we do every night

I’ve mentioned before that the baby monkey seems to be a distinctly physical, perhaps even athletic little creature. He is OBSESSED with balls. Obsessed. Loves to play catch (his first real sentence was “I wanna dat ball” and now he says “I catcha dat ball Mama?” which is so freaking cute it makes my ovaries tingle), loves to play basketball, loves to kick the soccer ball outside.

It was really windy today, so we played inside tonight. This is what a typical night looks like:

First we play some mixing bowl basketball, a newly invented game. Any size ball will do.

Then we play indoor catch and eat burritos for dinner:

Then we do gymnastics

Then we wrestle:




The baby hates it, obviously:


The whole goal is, of course, to wear the kid out so he goes to bed fairly easily and doesn’t spend an hour doing somersaults in his crib (a.k.a Monday night) until he finally falls asleep, exhausted, with his legs sticking out the bars of his crib and his body wedged into the corner where he flipped himself.

I know it is a total cliché, but man do I wish I had his energy.


Please don’t judge my living room. We are three sleeps away from moving out…things are a bit of a mess. Getting closer though…


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