To tired to make a title

Oh but I am weary tonight.

I was planning on doing a post with pictures of our cute new place, all unpacked and shiny clean, but I can’t actually find the cord I need to get the pictures off the camera and on the computer. But, fear not! I will find and you shall ooh and ah over all the unpacking I’ve done.

Today I stayed home from work and dealt with the dining room, living room, kitchen and the kiddo’s bedroom. The kitchen was a bitch challenge as it is very small. Like, maybe the smallest kitchen I’ve every had? Including the studio apartment I was living in before I met Mr. Monkey. I’m taking tomorrow off as well and planning on trying to do the master bedroom, which will leave just the office left to do. The office will take a bit longer as we are missing vital pieces of furniture, like a desk and bookshelves. We’ll get there though.

Okay, enough with the typy type for me. I am sore  and tired and in need of some ice cream and Jon Stewart on Hulu.


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