Things I am currently obsessed with

1. This cereal:  It is yummy and crunchy and slightly sweet. I’ve been taking it to work every morning (just eating it dry) and it has helped keep me out of both the dining hall on campus and the nearby fast food joints for over a week now, which is good for the wallet and the whole trying to eat less crap thing. The kiddo likes it too  and it is quite useful as a car snack.  (Attention any Quaker Oats people who are reading this blog: I love you. Please send coupons. ) (No, I don’t actually think any Quaker Oats people read this blog. But a blogger can dream, no?)

2. Living in the city. I walked to the bagel shop on Saturday (bliss!), we walked to Mother’s Day brunch on Sunday, we walked around a big and fabulous park on Sunday afternoon. Running out of milk is no longer a pain in the ass that involves a 16 mile round trip car ride. I haven’t even checked out the local coffee shop yet and I am already in love.

3. This series of pictures of the kid. I think this perfectly sums up life with a toddler. The working title: “Miles, sit on your bottom”

Miles, sit on your bottom on the couch

No, buddy, on your bottom.


Still not your bottom


Not even close to being on your bottom


Success! Was that so hard...

Oh, okay. See you later.

He sat on his bottom for approximately 1.67 seconds and then realized he was wasting valuable time that could be spent playing BALL! BALL! with us (note the new glove in his hand. I am such an enabler. I brought yet another ball into this household).

4. Girl names. Even though Mr.Monkey and I are not in the trying to have another baby zone, we got into quite an amusing Facebook debate on names for our fictional daughter (that we are probably not going to have). I am now obsessed with the names Mabel, Lily, and Inez. My darling husband incorrectly dislikes Mabel but likes, inexplicably, Eileen (no offense to any Eileens out there, but that is just not my style).

5. The fact that I have a specific amount of weight that I’d like to lose. I’m not sure how much I’m going to talk about it here but I’m down 4 pounds from the starting point and am very, very carefully figuring out how I want to approach this whole thing so I don’t go into a bad and crazy place about it. I need to do it though.


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