We were laying on the couch together, the Bobo and I. It was a lazy Saturday afternoon. He had just woken up from his nap and wanted a little snuggle. I had been watching a show on PBS but had lost interest and began to flip to another channel when, suddenly, the kiddo bolted upright.

“Kai U! Kai U!”

His hand fluttered in excitement. He began frantically, joyfully, gesturing toward the TV screen.


For those of you lucky enough not to recognize that bald-headed little weirdo on the screen, that is Caillou and he is the star of one of my least favorite kids shows.

We pretty much only watch PBS kids (no cable= no other options) (plus we are nerdy academic types. We are required by law to have PBS on 73.5% of the time in our hosue) and some of them are entertaining for adults and kids . I like Sesame Street and Word Girl and Sid the Science Kid. But I can’t stand Caillou. Why is he 4 years old and bald? Why is his mom so damn frumpy? Why, oh why, does my kid love it?

We never watch Caillou at home, so I’m guessing that he catches it at daycare. I don’t love the fact that they watch TV at daycare, but I’m realistic about the fact that if I was caring for 10 kids all day long I’d probably have it on sometimes too.

When I was pregnant I was pretty set that I wanted my child to watch as little television as possible, maybe none until he was at least 2 (um, yeah, not so much with that now). One of the things I thought my parents did right in raising us was really limiting how much TV we watched. I think that helped us all become readers. I also figured that if my kid never saw shows I didn’t like (Barney was a real concern) than I’d never have to deal with him liking something or character that annoys me. To some extent this has worked. My son doesn’t watch a lot of TV (usually just Sesame Street after dinner and before bed and sports on the weekends) and he mostly likes the kids shows we like too. Except for that darn French Canadian Caillou.

I suppose it is inevitable that at some point every kid latches on to something that annoys their parents. Thankfully, I know something that Miles likes even more than Caillou


One thought on “Inevitable

  1. DomesticatedGal says:

    Aren’t they fascinated by TV? We try to avoid the Little Man watching it at all (unless its our exercise video while in use…b/c mama needs a little less junk in her trunk) – but if he hear’s it come on, he’ll imitate the possessed child in the Exorcist trying to look at it!

    And heaven help me if he ever discovers Barney.

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