A moment of perfect

It is almost bedtime for the baby monkey and we are getting him dressed for bed. Mr. Monkey get the lotion and gently rubs it on Miles’  legs, which are all bruised and scraped from the daily work of being a boy. He is fresh and clean from the bath, tired but still playful, giggling and kicking on the changing table. I get out his rocket ship pajamas and ask if he wants us to sing. A slow smile spreads on his face and he nods.

So we sing “Simple Gifts” like we do almost every night. Miles stops his kicking and lays quietly, watching our faces intently as we sing.

And then at the end, when we get to the last verse, we sing “till by turning and turning we come round…” and he quietly whispers “right” .

We ask if he wants us to sing again and he whispers “yeah” and so we begin again. Our little family, singing together.


FYI, I sound exactly nothing like this when I am singing it


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