You know what should totally count as a workout? Traveling with a small child.

My biceps are sore today from hauling his 29 pound self through the train station, at the beach (including a lung busting trek up a sand dune. Hard work, that.) and up and down the aisles of the train.

I didn’t check my email or Facebook or Twitter or fav blogs  for 5 days, so I am a bit deluged today so here are a few shots from the trip to tide you over until I can post a much longer, more ranty entry about people with no boundaries who irritate bloggers whilst on the train. Good times

So excited to go on the train


Chilling on the train.


Enjoying Lake Michigan. The short one stayed in the water until his lips were blue. My little fish.


How we all felt by the last day


2 thoughts on “Back

  1. Kelly says:

    Oh my gosh Wendy, he is so cute, how do you just not squeeze him to death every day?!! You really should have more kids, it seems that you owe it to the world 🙂

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