On Being 31

I was swimming on Tuesday when it occurred to me that it was exactly two months until my next birthday.  I’ll be turning 32 in August (which, eh, who cares? 32 seems to be a nothing birthday to me) and I’ve decided that I want to approach my coming birthday very differently than I usually approach birthdays.

I usually approach birthdays the way other people seem to approach New Years Eve. I become filled with PLANS! and RESOLUTIONS! and GOALS! The next year will be THE YEAR! I will finally get in shape, finally reach X Y or Z weight/amount of money in savings/etc. I become filled excitement about the prospect of how magnificent I will be next year and then I think “Well, gosh, I’d probably better eat this candy/fast food/crap now because I’m so not going to be doing that next year” and then, predictably, I end up in last chance thinking about things and end up finishing out the current ge/ year in a flurry of sloth (can you have a flurry of sloth? Yes.) and sugar fueled binge eating.

So, I want to try something radical for myself. I want to end my 31st year well. I want to stop planning on to be healthy next year. Thus, my goals to finish before I turn 32 (August 8th, feel free to send extravagant presents. Kidding. Except, not really. I love presents) I might not finish all of these goals (um, yeah, kind of like I didn’t do 12 races this year. But you still like me, right?) but I’m sure I’ll be better for the trying:

1. Walk/run 31 miles (Starting from June 8th, not counting what I’ve already done this year)

2. Bike 31 miles (this should be not too hard)

3. Swim 31 miles (this is a biggie) or about 50,000 meters. I have 1400 so far.

4. Have 31 days without Diet Coke. Doesn’t have to be in a row.

5. Watch 31 less minutes of TV a night. The easy way to do this: no TV after 9:30pm

6. Read 31 minutes a day

7. Spend 31 minutes a day less on-line

8. Add $31 extra to savings each week

9. Spend 31 hours on writing not related to work or blog

10. 31 days with no fast food (fast food is anything with a drive-through)

Okay, off to swim. I have 50,000 meters to chip away at.

2 thoughts on “On Being 31

  1. Teresa says:

    Congratulations on a great idea! And getting a start on it already. I love it. It is positive on some many levels – life affirming, celebratory, optimistic. I’m looking forward to hearing out it goes.

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