Good/Bad: A weekend report

Good: The World Cup started and some of the teams I cheer for had good games (Go Ghana and the Netherlands!)

Bad: My son said “Soccer ball? Soccer ball? Watcha da soccer ball?” approximately 12 billizionlly times.


Good: It wasn’t super hot, weather wise which is good since we don’t have central air and the humidity here is about 176.8%

Bad: It wasn’t super hot because it was raining, raining, raining. I love rain but, cripes, my kid gets wound up and rambunctious and, uh, hitty when he is inside for too long. There were multiple time outs this weekend…mine and his (seriously, I sent myself to timeout.)(in the one air-conditioned room in the house. Am genius)


Good: I made progress on almost all of my new 31 related goals. I didn’t have any fast food, I worked on writing, I did some reading, good stuff.

Bad: Today, not so much. I brought a salad for lunch but hit the McDonald’s drive thru instead. I didn’t make it to the pool for open swim hours and I want to go swimming in the lake tonight but am not sure if the weather will allow it.


Good: Found this website with pictures from the world cup:


Bad: I am jealous of these pictures because I have almost no photographic ability. You know those blogs with the really good pictures of food or kids or basset hounds? Yeah, that will never be me.


Good: A dear, dear, much loved friend had a baby yesterday. It was a girl, which gave me an excuse to go shop for adorable little girl outfits today. She had a fast delivery and mama and baby are doing well.

Bad: She lives in Arizona and I don’t know when I’ll get to see her and this new baby and I feel a bit adrift and homesick today. I don’t plan to live in Arizona again at this point but, a year and a half after moving to Iowa, I still feel an acute sense of lose when I think about my friends that are still there. I don’t know when that will go away.


How was your weekend?

(Also, just did spell check and am amused to discover I misspelled “genius” and “ability”. Hee)


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