Double Swim Fail

Ugh. So, two water related bummers for the day.

Bummer #1: The open water race I wanted to do in August, the one that I’ve been thinking about/planning for since December, is full. I went on the website this morning at about 11am and saw a notice that it was almost full. I went over to Mr. Monkey’s office just to confirm that A) we still wanted to make a family vacation out of it and B) we could afford it and we decided that we did and we could. I went back to my office and used my lunch hour to check on available cabins or hotel options. At 1pm I went back on the website and the race was full and registration was closed.

I’m on a waiting list (near the top, which: duh. I probably missed the cut-off by about 10 minutes) but the odds don’t look so good. I am well and truly bummed about this.

My husband, who is so sweet and supportive to me, promptly went on-line and started looking for other races around the same time and area. There may be a prospect but I really wanted to do the Point to La Pointe race. Wah.


Bummer #2: The baby monkey hates swim lessons. This is a new development as he loved lessons last year and loved his first lesson this year. During his second lesson, however, he accidently dunked himself when he arched backwards in my arms and upside down dunked his head. He was displeased. Today we went for his third lesson and he happily jumped into the pool with me but as soon as the teacher came on deck with the toys and gear she uses in the lessons he was done. Wanted out of the pool and didn’t want back in. We forced him in and he SCREAMED the whole time. I don’t want him to start getting scared of the water so we called it a day and left after 15 minutes.

I bummed about this too because I love swimming so much and I want him to love it too. I think we’re going to try to take him to a different pool tomorrow and just let him play, remind him that the pool is fun. I’m not sure if we’ll go back to lessons on Thursday.


I’m trying not to grump about this stuff but I’m only being about 63% successful.

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