How am I doing?

Are you just dying to know how my pre-birthday goals are going? I’m sure you are. Well, die no longer…here is an update:

1. Walk/run 31 miles (Starting from June 8th) 

 2 miles so far

2. Bike 31 miles

0 miles so far. Hopefully I’ll get some in today. We’ve had so much wet weather lately that it has been hard to match my schedule with the available non rainy time.

3. Swim 31 miles (this is a biggie) or about 50,000 meters.

4 miles (6400 meters) so far

4. Have 31 days without Diet Coke. Doesn’t have to be in a row.

3 days. Am on the path to 4 if I can make it through the afternoon slump without a trip to the vending maching.

5. Watch 31 less minutes of TV a night. The easy way to do this: no TV after 9:30pm

On track, mostly. I’ve been making an effort to get to bed earlier and to read more than TV watch.

6. Read 31 minutes a day

Yes, for sure. Everyday so far.

7. Spend 31 minutes a day less on-line

Yes. Have been being better about the surfing the internet while watching TV time suck at nights.

8. Add $31 extra to savings each week

Yep. I had a big car expense this month that we might have to dip into savings to pay off, but I’m hoping not to have to do that.

9. Spend 31 hours on writing not related to work or blog

Yikes. This category is not good. I think I have 35 minutes so far.

10. 31 days with no fast food (fast food is anything with a drive-through)

6 days, in progress on day 7 today.


Overall, feeling good about this. Need to get the writing thing going a bit more and need to keep swimming whenever the sun/my work schedule will let me.


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