Awesome or sad?

I did my longest swim of the year (so far) today. Awesome.

It was 1600 long course meters, which is about 1/4 of what my average workouts were in high school and college. Sad.

It occurred to me during the swim that I’ve done more swimming in the past two weeks than I had all year prior to June 8th. Awesome or sad? Not sure.


We took the kiddo swimming today and he had a great time and is now passed out cold in bed. If you’ve been following my Twitter stream, you’ll note that I have done quite a bit of bitching about the excessive getting out of bed shenanigans my sweet boy has been engaged in since he learned to jump out of his crib and got moved to a big boy bed. He got out of bed twice tonight before the sun and swim induced tired knocked him out. That, my friends, is officially awesome. I’d rather, of course, he not get out of bed at all, but twice isn’t too bad.


2 thoughts on “Awesome or sad?

  1. Gretchen says:

    I say it’s awesome. You can’t change how much you did or didn’t swim before, but what you’ve done now is great. Go for awesome!

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