A fact about me: I am the world’s most attractive person.

If by “the world” you mean the mosquito population of where ever I happen to be living at the time.

I once did a study abroad trip in Ghana. There was a risk of malaria, so we all took anti-malarial meds and used repellant judiciously. Soon, however, it became apparent that, as my professor said, the best way to avoid getting bitten was to stand next to me.

Mosquitos love me. Which is how I ended up with this (along with many others) after a trip to the pool on Sunday:

So sexy it hurts

Yes, that vaguely goiterish thing on my forehead is a mosquito bite. Please disregard the red face/wet hair/generally disheveled look and focus on the bad boy. Awesome, yes?

So you would think that tonight before I set out on what ended up being an hour and a half walk at dusk I’d be smart enough to spray on some bug spray to prevent such an occurance.

You’d be wrong.

On the plus side I was walking with a friend, E, who is fabulous and quickly becoming one of my favorite people and she was both an excellent distraction on the walk and supplied me with some good anti-itch stuff so I’m not in quite the agony I could be at the moment.

I’m still in a little agony, which probably serves me right.

A note to myself: Be ye not so stupid next time.

8 thoughts on “Suckers

  1. Lindsay says:

    That is highly impressive, though I don’t covet the bite. Good luck not scratching! (Side note: any time I get mosquito bites, instead of scratching or rubbing, I slap it until it hurts. Works for arms and legs, but maybe not so much for forehead…)

  2. AndreAnna says:

    OMG ME TOO!! I get huge welts like that all the time. HOWEVER, the mosquito population over here seems nil. I haven’t had one bite all summer yet. It seems to also help that we get a lot of wind over here, likely from living right off the river. I dunno but its fablous not to itch myself bloody in my sleep.

  3. Wendy says:

    I think we have all your mosquitos down here. It was not bad at all for most of the summer but suddenly it is terrible. I am covered with bites.

    This is one thing I do miss about living in Arizona. Desert=no standing water=no mosquitos=yay!

  4. Gayle says:

    Whatever you do don’t come to Alaska in the summer time. They are everywhere and they are huge. Are you allergic to the bites? I have never seen a bite welt like that. Tyler had 12 bites on his neck and face from our last outing and that was with bug spray!

  5. Ellie says:

    Youch! That is IMPRESSIVE–I mean if you’re gonna get ’em, maybe it’s best to just go all out like that? Probably not, but that’s the best silver lining I can come up with today.

    Also, the feeling is mutual! Let’s just remember the bug spray next time!

    • Wendy says:

      Jo, it wasn’t big enough that I noticed it landing on my face! I think I am just a wee bit sensative to mosquito bites.

  6. James says:

    I did not fair much better this weekend either. Was up in the mountains at a lake and the mosquitos were the worst I have seen in quite a while. Last time I saw mosquitos that bad was in Northern Michigan. I got bit on my ear a couple of times, few more places on my head and my legs got it pretty good.

    Couple of the guys in my group have spent the summer in Alaska and said that if swarms of Alaskan mosquitos are a 10 on a 10 point scale, then what we ran into was a solid 8 out of 10. Those of us from the midwest all said that it was like being back in Minnesota or Michigan again.

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