Update on the pre-birthday challenge

1. Walk/run 31 miles (Starting from June 8th) 

5 miles (this will be going up as the I start gearing up for the tri in the fall)

2. Bike 31 miles

8 miles

3. Swim 31 miles (this is a biggie) or about 50,000 meters.

5 miles (8000 meters) so far. I need to swim at least every other day if I am going to make this one.

4. Have 31 days without Diet Coke. Doesn’t have to be in a row.

4 days. This and the writing one are turning out to be the most challenging. The Diet Coke thing is so just about habit.

5. Watch 31 less minutes of TV a night. The easy way to do this: no TV after 9:30pm

On track with this one. Some nights I’ve been up after 9:30pm but those are usually the nights I put the kid to bed (Mr. Monkey and switch back and forth on this) so I still end up watching less.

6. Read 31 minutes a day

Yes, for sure. Everyday so far.

7. Spend 31 minutes a day less on-line

Yes. Have been being better about the surfing the internet while watching TV time suck at nights.

8. Add $31 extra to savings each week

Yes, but it isn’t going to stick. We had to replace a car windshield and we are about to purchase two plane tickets from Arizona so my step-sons can come visit, so we’ll have to hit savings some to take care of those.

9. Spend 31 hours on writing not related to work or blog

1.5 hours. Yikes.

10. 31 days with no fast food (fast food is anything with a drive-through)

10 days, in progress on #11.

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