1. Walk/run 31 miles (Starting from June 8th) 

17.1 miles. Odds of completing this goal: 100% unless I break an ankle.

2. Bike 31 miles

8 miles. Still. Didn’t do any rides last week. Odds of completing this goal: 90%. 31 miles is not a big deal on a bike, I just need the weather to cooperate. For logistical reasons, I have to ride during the work day, so I need to seize the non-rainy moments when I can.

3. Swim 31 miles (this is a biggie) or about 50,000 meters.

7.25 miles. Odds of finishing this: 60%. 31 miles is A LOT of swimming. This is still doable if I swim 5 days a week.  

4. Have 31 days without Diet Coke. Doesn’t have to be in a row.

4 days. Still. Odds of completing this challenge: 14%. I’m not optimistic.

5. Watch 31 less minutes of TV a night. The easy way to do this: no TV after 9:30pm

With the exception of the Mad Men marathon that sucked me in last night and kept me up until midnight, I’ve been doing well on this one. Odds of completing: 99%

6. Read 31 minutes a day

Yep. Odds of completing: 100%. I’m way ahead on this one (and have started to get caught up on my 6 months of unread Vanity Fairs, which is a real accomplishment)

7. Spend 31 minutes a day less on-line

Yes, still on track with this one. Odds of completing: 99%

8. Add $31 extra to savings each week

Nope. Not going to happen. Odds of completing: 0%. Plane tickets+windshield replacement+car registration coming due= we’re lucky if savings doesn’t go down this month. Boo. On the upside, Mr. Monkey and I have been having good talks about our financial future and I think we have some renewed motivation and a semi new savings plan so I think our savings will be heading in the right direction soon.

9. Spend 31 hours on writing not related to work or blog

1.5 hours. Yikes. Odds of completing: 20%

10. 31 days with no fast food (fast food is anything with a drive-through)

15 going on 16 days. Odds of completing: 75%. Mr. Monkey is going out-of-town for work stuff twice this month and I think it will be tempting to hit the fast food breakfasts when he is gone and I am riding solo on the child care thing.


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