You are all so lucky

I was just about half-way through a post that detailed what my son did  and didn’t eat this weekend when it occurred to me that this was possibly the least interesting post evah.

Why I thought this would be interesting to anyone but me, I do not know. Mr. Monkey, who both loves the boy and reads my blog religiously, would have been yawning in boredom.

I’m looking at a month where I’ll have (due to Mr. Monkey’s afore-mentioned travels) a lot of alone time with my kid. Perhaps I should take some alone time without him when I can get it this week, lest you all have to suffer the consequences in the form of blog entries detailing his daily diet.

That being said, look at this kid:

How could I not be obsessed?

(You should know he wore this outfit to daycare today, only he was also wearing frog rubber rain boots with it. It was exactly as cute and aw! as it sounds)

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