I like to cook.  I forget this sometimes, especially on those nights where the kiddo is starving and starts whining for crackers the second we walk in the door. Those nights, I am not cooking, not really. I’m heating and arranging and trying to guess what my 2-year-old will find acceptable that isn’t just white carbs.

But I do like to cook. I  like the weight of a nice knife in my hand and the way it slides through an onion or a bell pepper. I like the pop and sizzle of garlic sauteing on the stove. I like the way the tips of my fingers smell faintly sweet after I clean and slice a quart of strawberries. I like the way nothing, just a collection of ingredients, becomes something warm and solid and sustaining.

I didn’t remember that I liked cooking until I started cooking for Michael after we were married. Years of living alone and eating microwave popcorn and diet coke for dinner made me forget the sensual pleasures of firm bell peppers and warm rice with butter and hot sauce (so good!). I remember now and rejoice in my cook books.

I still need to cook more though. Sometimes I am so tired by the time that we get home that I look for the quick meal, which is often more processed than I’d really like to be eating. What is your favorite whole food, not processed, from scratch thing to make? Bonus points if it takes less than 30 minutes of prep/hands on time.


4 thoughts on “Domestic

  1. Ellie says:

    Crockpot lentil soup, carmalized garlic chicken, cheesey chicken skillet dinner (enjoyable without cheese for those allergic), and one of our recent favs, honey pecan pork chops with baked sweet potatoes (again, I think the pecans could be omitted if need be, but oh so yummy). I’ll share any that sound yummy! And on a side note, the number of recipes I have with some kind of cheese or nut involved is kind of amazing. You have a challenge with that man of yours!

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