Odds and Ends

First, some cool news: I’m the newest blogger at a great website Bodies In Motivation! I’ll be posting weekly, mostly about race and training stuff. You can see my first column here: http://www.bodiesinmotivation.com/2010/07/introducing-go-go-slow-racer/

Second: I survived the dentist and didn’t need a root canal. Woo! So I went out and celebrated by having as much peanut brittle and sticky taffy as possible (kidding).

Third: Remember that swim race that I wanted to do but got shut out of? Well, I got called up off the waitlist so it is back on! I’ll be heading to Wisconsin in about a week to race 2 miles in Lake Superior in a wetsuit that I’ve never raced in. Thankfully I’ve been doing some swimming so I’m confident about my ability to finish. I’ll be staying with friends as Mr. Monkey and the baby monkey will be in Kansas visiting family. I a bit bummed I won’t have my usual cheering section but I am super excited to do the race. An open water race is on my life’s athletic to-do list, so I’m pleased to be able to check it off the list.

Fourth: I get to see my step-sons next week and I can’t wait. They are such good guys and we miss them so much. I have a tiny bit of anxiety that the 16-year-old will have a tatoo (he is DYING for one. I suspect he’ll be at the tatoo parlor the second he turns 18) and my husband’s head will explode. If it does, I’ll just have to clean it up and then I will force all of us to enjoy family fun time, dammit.

4 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. Kelly says:

    So cool, all of it! I read your blog and about a hundred others (yours was clearly the best, of course) on the site. Great motivation!

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