A Lazy Post

I have things to say, yes I do!

Only, I’m tired and a bit worn down from having company and from single parenting again this week (Mr. Monkey had to travel for work and has been gone 6 days. Too many days. I miss him.) so I’m going to do a lazy post and just update you on my little pre-birthday goal thing. You’ll still like me if I’m a lazy blogger, yes?

Goals: Done

– Walking 31 miles

– biking 31 miles

– 31 days with no fast food

Goals: Still in Progress

– writing 31 hours

– 31 minutes less TV each night

– 31 minutes of reading

– 31 minutes less on-line time

Goals: Not Going to Happen

– 31 days with no Diet Coke. Got to 5 days and then quit trying

– $31 dollars extra to savings each week. I broke a tooth and have craptastic dental insurance (though I’m not really sure there is any other kind) and it is many, many dollars to fix.


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