I haven’t talked about it too much here (although I did post about it over here) but I have a race this weekend. I’m leaving in about an hour for Bayfield, Wisconsin where on Saturday, the day before my birthday, I will be racing for two miles in chilly Lake Superior.

I am excited because this is something that has been on my life’s athletic “to do” list and I LOVE crossing things off a list but I’m also starting to get nervous. I’m nervous because A) two miles is a long swim and I haven’t swam that long a distance without stopping since, oh, 1996 and B) I’m under-trained and C) I’ll be wearing a wetsuit which I’ve never swam in before, which of course breaks one of the cardinal rules about racing: don’t try anything new on race day (I’ll also be wearing a swim suit I’ve never worn before, because apparently I am determined to do this all wrong).

So, let’s do the thing where I assign letters to outcomes so I can grade myself (because even more than crossing things off lists, I love to get graded. It is a sickness. I’m a total teacher’s pet.)

F= don’t start the race due to circumstances within my control. There is a chance of storms on Saturday so if the race gets cancelled due to weather that doesn’t count.

D= don’t finish the race due to circumstances within my control

C= Finish the race but either 1. come in last or 2. wreck my wetsuit (more. I’ve already had to patch it and I’ve never even gotten into the water. Argh)

C+= finish race and not last in age group

B= finish race and in top half of women

A= finish race and in top half of age group

A+= finish race in under two hours

Wish me luck!


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