31 days with no fast food


Totally did this one! I even got in more than 31 days, which was good for the challenge and also good for the budget. We track how much money we spend every month in all the main categories, including eating out and groceries. April and May were shockingly insane months. We spent more on eating out than groceries (which is so not the plan) and had the two spendiest months in the eating out category for our whole marriage. Not good.

Happily we shaved over $100 off in June and close to another $100 off in July. August will be tough because of the travel and having had visitors (the boys) who like to go out to eat. We actually already hit the budgeted amount for eating out as of the 10th of the month, so we’ll probably be over this month. Despite this, I feel really good about this category. I haven’t had a fast food breakfast (my fast food vice. I don’t care about lunch and dinner so much, but mmmm breakfast sandwich with Diet Coke….) in weeks, which has to be good for my health.

Bottom Line: Rockstar on this one.


If you made it this far, you deserve a visual refreshment. Picture of a sleeping toddler, anyone?

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