31 days with no Diet Coke


This one is probably tied with one other goal for biggest failure. I got 4 days total over a two month time period, with only 2 days in a row. I just love my Diet Coke.

I 100% don’t think it is a healthy choice. I’m sure it is terrible for my teeth and I know it is all chemically and I never, ever let the kiddo have a sip (partially because I don’t want to share, true. But also because I don’t give him crap as a general rule and my adored DC is crap). I have no good rational for drinking it beyond that I love the crisp bite of a Diet Coke, preferably from a fountain with loads of carbonation, especially first thing in the morning.

The difficulty of giving up Diet Coke makes me extremely grateful I’ve never tried smoking. There is a definite addiction thing going on here.

Bottom line: Abject failure.


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