Spend 31 minutes less on-line


I would give myself a low passing score on this one. On the whole, I think I did cut out a lot of on-line time but that tended to happen in big chunks (like no internet for a whole day) rather than 31 minutes less every day. I’m actually doing better about this right now because it is so crazy busy at work that I don’t do my usual boredom/anxiety (I’ve been waiting literally a year to find out if I’ll have a job come September. This was stressful, duh.) surfing during slow periods, which is actually really good. I tend to have some low-level guilt about the internet surfing at work (there is always something else I could be doing with my time) so the current busyness feels good. The day goes by quickly, I feel a sense of accomplishment about the work I’m doing and I am snacking less (reading blogs often leads to reading blogs while eating m&ms).

The downside is that I feel a bit out of touch with some of the people I like to read and I haven’t been to my favorite discussion board in days. It also seems like the less I’m on-line, on Twitter, commenting on blogs the fewer people come visit my blog.  I don’t think this should matter, really, I’d write still if my husband was my only visitor (which is how I started) because I like to, but I do like seeing how many people have stopped by and I can’t pretend I don’t get a little excited when the number is higher.

But, still, I don’t need to be on-line as much as I was and I see that pretty clearly now.

Bottom Line: Done and improving still.


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