Add $31 extra to savings each week


Mr. Monkey and I are decent savers. We have a certain amount directly deposited each pay check and we try not to tip into savings on a regular basis. We’ve never hit the point where we have 6-8 months of expenses like many experts suggest but that is something we are moving toward.

The time during this challenge though? We moved backwards. In the last couple of months we’ve:

-Purchased two plane tickets from Arizona that were not cheap. It was totally worth it to bring my step-sons out but pricey

– Paid over $400 in dental work because I broke a tooth on a stupid stale mint

– Taken two trips: The mister to Kansas, me to Wisconsin. Both fun, both relatively cheap, but both adding substantially to our gas and eating out budgets.

– Paid car registration for two cars. This shouldn’t have been a big deal but it was painful in a month with so many other expenses.

– Paid $345 to replace a broken windshield. Ugh.


So, while I didn’t add anything extra to savings (and in fact took a good chunk out) I do think that there was merit in this challenge. Mr.Monkey and I realized that we need to have a separate savings account for travel, so I set that up as well as a new savings account to pay for future car repairs/car replacement which I think will help us in the future…once we dig out from the expensive part of this summer.

Bottom Line: didn’t met the goal but still improved financial life.

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