Follow Up #1

My birthday has come and gone so my 31 challenge is over as well. Are you dying to know how I did? Are you hoping that I write about it in 10 different posts so your email in-box/blog reader collapses from the strain? Yes? Oh, how in luck you are.

The first goal was to walk/jog 31 miles and this one, somewhat surprisingly ended up being the easiest of all of the fitness goals and was also the first goal I completed.

The key to the success of this goal? My new(ish) friend E. I’ve known E through work for over a year but in the last couple of months we’ve made that sometimes tricky transition from friendly at work to actual “let’s go do something” outside of work friends. While it is always a great thing to develop a new friendship as an adult (seriously, I wish college me had appreciated the comparative ease of finding friendships back then) this burgeoning friendship is even more awesome because A)E and her husband N live just up the street from us and B) N. and my husband get along well, N. and I get along well, Mr.Monkey and E. get along well. Finding people who are good one on one friends and good couple friends is really nice.

E and I started walking (starting to throw in more jogging now, when Mother Nature isn’t trying to kill us with heat and humidity) and almost instantly my evening walks went from non-existent to an hour and a half long. Having E. to walk with has helped me get more miles in this summer than I did the whole rest of the year. She is, thankfully, also willing to start jogging with me more which will be totally helpful as the tri in September and the 5K in October get closer.

Bottom line: easy peasy to finish and now I feel like I have a decent base to start jogging more. An unqualified success.

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