Keeping the plates spinning

I work in higher education and, like most jobs probably, my work life has a distinct annual rhythm. Summer is slow, fall is insane, winter is slower and spring is just right.

Fall began for me last week. I had to start training a new staff member while also preparing for a week-long program and all the normal fall semester planning stuff. I am starting to have those days where I look at the clock and am stunned to find that the day is 2/3rd over and I haven’t managed to have my breakfast yet, let alone my lunch. I wake up in the morning thinking about what has to get done, I struggle to leave work at a decent hour (and I only leave because I need and want to see the husband and the kiddo), my desk and my office are a perpetual mess.

Add to this the fact that I’m trying to train for the tri next month plus spend time with my spouse and child and friends plus trying to take time to do things that matter to me, like writing, and I feel like I’m just racing through the days, trying to keep all the plates spinning.

I’m finding that training helps and as does taking a bubble bath and engaging in tickle fights with a two year old. Thank fully I have good shoes, a good tub and an agreeable toddler…and hopefully only two more weeks of real manic working conditions.


A special shout out for E: thanks for the fabulous walk tonight. I really needed it.

One thought on “Keeping the plates spinning

  1. Ellie says:

    Happy to help in such an utterly enjoyable way! Tonight we run even more to get you ready for that tri! I hope the plates are spinning a little less frantically today.

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