Perfect things

Game night + snacks+good friends.

I may have been soundly beaten in Bananagrams and Mexican Train but the crack-like qualities of my friend E’s sweet/salty snack mix more than made up for it.


Laughing until you cry, especially at the end of a very long and stressful week. There was a moment in my kitchen on Saturday night when E and I were howling with laugher, tears going down our cheeks. It felt cleansing and I swear it gave me a stomach workout.

(it is hard to explain in a way that really captures it, but the crux of the laughing came from a very brief, very ill-considered idea I had to make my son, a 2 year old, a necklace out of the beer bottle and wine cooler caps laying around the kitchen counter. A beer bottle necklace. For a toddler. To wear to daycare, I guess? Seriously, is that not the least classy idea ever? What can I say, more than one of those caps belonged to me and I’m kind of a light weight.)


Taking an afternoon stroll around the neighborhood with the kiddo. We walked in silence, him stopping every so often to admire an ant or stroke a flower. Then he would reach up and wrap his still slightly chubby hand around my index finger and we’d walk again. As we walked I felt profoundly grateful for him, for this life of mine, for my husband. I felt peace and contentment and couldn’t help but wonder what he was thinking. I looked down at his sweet face, wondering if he was thinking big thoughts about his world too, when he looked at me and said “Pocky D, mama? Puple?” (Pocky D= popsicle)



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