An Airing of Grievances

I have been feeling like a bit of a pill the last few days. I have no good reason. Nothing is going wrong, work is settling down a bit after two weeks of crazy, my guys all continue to be sweet and handsome but I feel filled with a restless, low-grade crankiness.

I saw this post by the funny Temerity Jane last night and decided it was such a good idea that I’m going to steal it for myself (though, truly, her list is both longer and funnier than mine) in the hopes that an airing of my small grievances will make me feel better.

In no particular order, here are some of the things that have bugged me in the last few days:

1. I forgot to send in our rent check last week and so we had to drive to a stupid suburb not that close to our house so I could drop it off. I NEVER forget to pay bills on time so I don’t know what my deal was but I’m still annoyed with myself about it.

2. Pandora keeps trying play Debbie Gibson’s “Electric Youth” on my Veronica’s station. Listen, I like Debbie Gibson as much as the next person, but I don’t need to hear “Electric Youth” more than, say, once every 5 to 10 years.

3. People talking about politics. I can’t handle it right now. I can’t handle the ugliness, I can’t handle the willful ignorance, I can’t handle the utter and total lack of critical thinking and willingness to engage in constructive dialogue with people who disagree with you (this goes both ways, of course). I hate that snark (on both sides) has replaced debate. I hate that we play down to the lowest common denominator (on both sides). I can’t deal with the fact that people take Sarah Palin seriously, the fact gay marriage isn’t already legal everywhere, that we as a country get so caught up in things that ultimately matter little and that we seem to be ignoring things that matter quite a lot (fiscal policy, the future of social security, the ridiculously rising costs of higher education, etc).

4. I hate when I start going on rants about politics and I realize I sound as strident and harpy as everyone else.

5. Our dishwasher is broken and doesn’t seem to be magically fixing itself, which means I have to call a repair place and be home during the designated “window” even though they’ll probably be late. The dishwasher is a source of bad smells right now though so we’ve got to get it done.

6. I’ve been having some major issues with jealousy lately. And that annoys me. Must remember that other people’s success does not negate the possibility of my success.

7. I don’t mind being 32 but I resent having to deal with both zits and wrinkles.

8. I’m in a triathlon in 9 days and they have yet to announce when and where packet pick-up is. This is kind of important info.

9. I got a call from a mother of a student in my program that, a week later, continues to make me seethe. The student was eligible for some valuable free stuff but according to the mom “her quads are too sore” to come up to my office to get it, so maybe I could arrange to drop it off to her? People- I work at a college. There is an elevator to my third floor office. I am giving away free stuff (school supplies, flash drives, etc) but I’ll be damned if I chase a 20 year old all over campus to try to give it away. Sheesh.

10. My husband weighs less than I do. And I’m not taller than he is.

11. Mosquitos continue to exist despite my fervent wish that they would all die and be dead forever and ever.

Hmm. I do feel a little better now.

Feel free to use the comment section as a complaint dispatching area. What’s bugging you today?


4 thoughts on “An Airing of Grievances

  1. Gretchen says:

    A 2 hour meeting spent staring out the window because nobody was engaged and/or making any sense. Lots of jargon and buzzwords and not much else. And that’s only the top of the list, the rest is quite a downer and I’m better off not dwelling on it. Guess I should be happy there was a window in the meeting room.

  2. Ellie says:

    I would just like to second the complaint about the utter unfairness that is zits and wrinkles at the same time. WHEN DOES IT END?

    p.s. I had Electric Youth perfume back in the day, Debbie Gibson is amazing. I recently read that she and Tiffany are going to star together in some made for tv flick on the SyFy channel. Best. Idea. Ever.

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