Oh Sh#t

I’m doing a tri this weekend, one that I am (once again) kind of under trained for.

I haven’t been stressing too much about it though because the course is supposed to be easier than the god forsaken hill festival the tri last September was and I know that the swim part is basically cake for me (it is only 500 yards. I swam 2.1 miles in Lake Superior last month. I got you 500 yards) and I can gut the rest of it out.

Only, it has been a wet, wet, wet summer in Iowa this year and apparently all that water does bad things to lakes? Not the water, really, but the run-off. The lake that I should be swimming in next week has been closed lately due to e-coli levels (yuck) and just opened back up this weekend. Which is swell but we’re supposed to get more rain this week, which means more run-off which means that there is a 50/50 chance that the lake will be closed for swimming come Sunday.

Which, if that happens, means that the one leg I am actually kind of good at will be cancelled and I’ll have to do a run-bike-swim race instead.

Words can not adequately express how not thrilled I am with this prospect.


One thought on “Oh Sh#t

  1. Gretchen says:

    Really hope that doesn’t happen, #1 because I hope you get to do the whole event, and #2 because we DON’T NEED any more rain! Ever! And no more mosquitoes!

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