Racer Monkey

Forgive me in advance, dear readers, for I am feeling like a lazy blogger today so instead of a nuanced, in-depth recounting of my race yesterday and all my feelings and thoughts on my performance I’m going to give you bullet points and pictures instead.

The Good:

– The swim leg wasn’t cancelled! The water was cold (68 degrees) and I choose not to wear my wetsuit (largely because it takes me longer to get it off and on than it does to swim 500 yards) so it was a bit bracing but still better than having to do an extra run leg. The swim itself went well although it was pretty crowded on the way out so there was lots of slamming and body checking but I got some open water on the way back so I could just swim and not worry about getting punched.

– I did not want to hurl at the end of the swim, so I am pretty sure I paced myself better than I did last year.

– The bike course, while not as flat as advertised, was so much better than last year. SO much better. There were hills but they were more long than steep, which made for burning legs but not panic. As with last year I got passed A LOT (one of the disadvantages of being a faster swimmer) but this year I passed someone and had more people finish behind me than before. Progress!

– My pace for the bike portion and run portion were much better than last year. Not sure exactly how much faster, but faster for sure.

The Bad:

– Man, this race seemed disorganized. There was no information on the website about packet pick-up until about a week before, which is kind of annoying, the maps of the race course on the website were of last years race and they had a different course this year, and they still don’t have race results posted yet. This is aggravating for those of us who finished in the back. They had results physically posted by the bagel tent  for the first wave of finishers but no women’s results after about 25th place. I know I was way back in the back but I’d still like my splits people.

– I could really, really, really tell that I hadn’t done enough bike to run training. My legs felt very wobbly when I got off the bike and then the wobbly feeling turned to feeling like there were little knots of pain in my calves. It took a good 5 minutes to get my sea legs and to even think about running, which I ended up doing very little of. Lots of walking again this year.

– I was almost last again, which I’m not really upset by but I do look forward to the day when I finish and they aren’t already starting to tear down the transition area.

The Pictures:

Sometimes it is hard to post pictures of myself here but I’m trying to push past my comfort zone where this is concerned. Behold: Me doing my level best to look like an athlete

Pre-race hugs


Smiling because I'm not on the bike yet


Putting on my race number upside down, forgetting my cycling gloves, and not eating my GU. My transitions need work.


It looks like I'm running, but I'm not. I'm wobbling.


The kid is cute, but that is my banana he is eating

4 thoughts on “Racer Monkey

  1. Ellie says:

    Congratulations–so impressed with you! Now those lazy race organizers need to get their butts in gear and post some results. If that many people can get themselves through all those racing events in a morning one thinks the organizers could get themselves to post results in a day.

    Thanks for sharing your pics too. It sounds like it was hard to post them, but I’d like to point out that there isn’t a single person in any of those photos shooting you a “get out of here you non-athlete” look. Great pictures, awesome you–you ARE an athlete!

  2. Gretchen says:

    You look great! Sounds like overall it wasn’t too bad but I’m surprised the water was that cold after the hot summer! Must be all the rain.

  3. Kacey says:

    You give me hope, I have a similar build and you don’t see girls like us doing things like this very often. I’m crazy impressed that you did it (and looked good after, even!).

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