* Crossing the list item off the to-do list

* vacuuming the 5,768 pieces of cracker off the living room floor

* The first bite of a crisp apple

* Waking up, looking at the clock, and rolling back over to go to sleep

* The moment I figure what exactly while make the child stop the screaming already

* Crispy, salty chips and melty, melty cheese

* A brand new notebook and the perfect ultra fine tipped pen

* Halfway through a book that makes you forget who and where and what you are

* Winning at Bananagrams

*Feeling physically spent after a workout or, um, some other sweaty (possibly naked) activity

* Paying off the last bit of a debt

* A foot rub that doesn’t need to be returned.


I hope you all have some satisfaction in your life tonight.

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