It is seriously taking every thing in my power to not go to the store right this very second to get ice cream. I want it. I want it bad. I want something with chunks in it (maybe Ben&Jerrys Mint Chocolate Cookie?) that I can dig out with my spoon as I sit nestled into the corner of the couch watching The Good Wife.

I think I want the sugar. I probably want the ritual. I know I want it more than the popsicle I have as a substitute in the freezer.

I’m trying to remind myself that there are other things, better things, that I want more.

Speed when running.

A lower cholesterol reading.

Some lower numbers on the scale.

Excuse me as I go get my popsicle…


5 thoughts on “Control

  1. Ellie says:

    Yummy yummy pocky-d…for me sometimes it’s about letting lazy trump craving/want/desire. Sitting on the couch is more fun than hauling my butt to dahls 🙂 And I know if I wait out the thing I want now (pb m&ms, thanks to our earlier conversation), more than likely, I won’t want it as badly tomorrow. And if I still do, then maybe that’s a sign that craving cannot be denied after all!

    Enjoy the Good Wife, it’s being taped on the DVR as I write this!

  2. Tracy says:

    For me, the thing that curbs that Chocolate craving lately and keeps me out of the icecream is cocoa dusted almonds. Of course, we don’t have any right now which means that I would totally join you in your ice cream indulgence. It isn’t easy, is it?

  3. Gretchen says:

    You know what works for me sometimes? Maybe I mentioned it before. Wear a rubber band around your wrist and snap it hard every time you think you want ice cream, or peanut butter m&m’s, or whatever. Doesn’t take long before you really do associate the craving with something negative!

  4. Tracy says:

    I just ate a blizzard. Maybe that will help both of us…okay probably not because I don’t feel great right now but hey, after the day I had ice cream for dinner was needed.

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